Action // Speed

Fast suspense and speed

Thoughtful, serious and strengthening track. Dynamic strings and oriental singing. Works for action scenes, political documentation as well as docutainment.

Slow building excitement, the reporter makes his way to his perilous assignment. Dramatic percussion with movie strings.

Synthesizer, piano, distorted sounds accompanied by energetic strings create a chaotical, hectical and driving sound. Orchestral end.

Orchestral, dramatic and driving track with strings, brass section, piano, drums and electronics. Works for stories about fast, exciting events and pictures of recent accidents as well as key moments of a thriller. Perfect for trailers.

Upbeat drums, bass guitar and oceans of synths.

This fast paced piece will make you run (for cover).

Defined rhythm and orchestral fills will bring you in the center of action.

Starting with an anbient atmosphere, the track slowly builds into a driving backdrop for a drive through a metropole like new york for example.

Chase the game. Fast drums and stage noise.

Fast-paced, nervous track for a wild chase in an urban setting.

Very troubling; something dangerous is approaching quickly. Heavy bass and fast synth arpeggios.

Techno-influenced, straight-forward track.

The perfect track for fitness and endurance. Higher, Faster, Stronger

The track with incredible force, listen to it loud, just drift.

Epic and very dramatic. Full orchestra score for full impact. Mid tempo. Ideal for images of heroic journeys, adventure and discovery.

Like a descent into madness: steady hi-hat, string accents and piano in the beginning than evolve into a big thrilling score. Dramatic and unstoppable!

Epic, highly dramatic score for adventure and extreme drama.

Danger all around: soundtrack to a city full of gangsters, dubious business and dim bars.

Bombastic Dubstep meets cinematic bombastic. Perfect for big performance, trailers, new cars and more. Straight forward!

Classic trance track meets dubstep and goes to cinematic Orchestra. Perfect dubstep epic track for trailer or great performances. Goose bumps feeling.

Very interesting Dubstep Track. Piano, Orchestra meets Dubstep. Perfect for artful trailer

Starts off like a heavy grunge track than suddenly turns into relentless thrash metal. Dirty medium-tempo guitar riff and wailing solo guitar.

Driving, highspeed heavy metal that takes no prisoners.

Very fast experiment full track for rapid change in the game. Kick it.

Steady, slightly nervous, serious. Mid-tempo beat with dark string theme.

Busy electronic track. Works for images of nightlife, technology, design, media, internet and communication. Bubbly, modern, subtle.

Heartbeat and gloomy synthies. Starts as a mysterious, enigmatic track for film and documentaries until the beat sets in at 01:13 and turns into a contemporay EDM track with fat synthesizers and a hectic snare.

Fast, between Jungle and Drum'n'Bass, acoustic guitar accents.

Euro Dance with the sound of 90s. High-spirited and moving

Euro Dance with the sound of 90s. Time is running.

Euro Dance with the sound of 90s. Good for fitness and running with a nice melody.

Sick, different and broken. artistically

Dramatic tension; electronics and string accents.

Unhappy nervous transition into atmospherical

Eunuch singing, Dubstep. Perfect for trailers, cars and more.

Brass goes to ragga dubstep. Urban and cool. Party sound.

Drum and bass of the 90s. Very fast and nice. Playful and childlike.

Busy and fast yet subtle underscore that creates tension and curiosity.

Electric guitar and spanish vocals determine the track that reminds of mexican tequila drinks enjoyed on the beach. Triumphant triller sounds and castanets complete the track.

Ska, punk and pop meet in this very fast, dynamic song. In addition, there is a choir of female voices.

Fast paced. Fast game trains. Fast and Furious.

Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

Can you smell the tires? That is one hell of a ride.

Journalists In Danger PSM 0064 (UBM 2363)

Exciting, gripping compositions as a perfect backdrop for any journalistic or reporter situations, from rolling printing presses, to the embedded journalist reporting from the front lines, all visual occaisions can be perfectly underlayed with these tracks.

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CRISIS - two PSM 0039

An action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral album with oriental accents for sophisticated images of the current Middle East crises.

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Fun Sport - Skate Punk & Alternative PSM 0058

Great exciting Neo-Punk, Indie, Skater sounds, a mix of classic well paced guitar rock tracks. From indie to punk, gothic rock to britpop, perfect compositions to accompany any exiting, sport or youth oriented or alternative projects with the perfect underlaying soundtrack.

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Powerful Tension 1 PSM 0007

Energetic, powerful, determined. 21 epic tracks for action, drama and sports.

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Crime Time Retro Movie 1 PSM 0011

Timeless scores for classic spy films. Mysterious, stylish and dangerously sultry.

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Extreme Sports - Death Metal & Hard Rock PSM 0032

Powerful riffs, pounding drums epic solos: these 17 metal and hard rock tracks work for action, sports and anything in need of a rough edge.

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Drum N Bass Vol.1 PSM 0018

Collection of Drum'n'Bass tracks - from airy and chilled to more punchy and forceful.

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Dubstep - Cinematic Electro PSM 0022

Heavy, energetic dubstep - buzzing, danceable and action packed.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 2 PSM 0019

Chilled electronica for images of space travel, technology, underwater worlds and nature.

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