Comedy // Slapstick

Funny music with humor

Whistling, kazoo, drums and ukulele create a joyful atmosphere.

Vivid surf guitar and rumbling backup band featuring organ and cymbals. Silly, cartoonish, fun.

Vintage brass band sound. Cheerful, heartfelt and good-natured. With whistling, male voices, banjo, reed and tuba. Perfect for family programs, circus and zoo.

Child-friendly instrumental, inspired by country music. Featuring banjo, flute, guitar and harmonica.

Vintage bar piano with a sentimental touch. Like a sad clown leaving the circus ring for the last time...

Crazy, funny and dynamic polka, that sounds like a bobbycar race out of control. Brass, drums and choir. Instrumental version available.

Jolly piano, brass, percussion and cartoonish sound effects. Lazy, slightly insane mood. For slapstick, cartoons, zoo, circus and funny children's tv.

Cheery and enthusiastic theme for family-oriented tv and commercials. With electric guitar, brass, drums and whooohoos.

Ukulele, percussion and an oldschool brass and reed section. Quirky mid-tempo track with a laid-back, clever vibe.

Jaunty and portly, fast tempo. Steadily moving forward. For images of the funfair, the circus or funny events at the local zoo.

Short track with organ accents, a bit on the strange side. Like a hurdy-gurdy.

Sweet piano theme, joined by band, vibraphone, reed and strings. Playful and repetetive. For children, comedy, cartoons and funny animals.

Positive, cheerful, happy. For commercials and family entertainment.

Music for happy memories. Full band plus strings and brass accents.

Playful & positive. Combining ukulele with flute, organ and orchestra.

Ideal for children's TV and family-friendly commercials. Catchy piano melody accompanied by orchestra.

Very child-friendly. Uplifting and fun.

Cute ukulele melody and organ; later brass and soft drums. Warm sound for images of family, nostalgia and leisure.

Playful, relaxed and whimsical. Piano, percussion and plenty of electronic bits all over the place. Medium tempo.

Scurrile pop song with occasional male robotic voice.

Playful, light-hearted, slightly ironic ball dance tune. Nostalgic instrumentation and very positive, comical mood.

Sweet lullaby, reminiscent of an old musicbox. Dreamy and nostalgic.

Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

Vintage piano piece that sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a silent film. Witty, agile and fast.

Quirky, fun, retro piece with piano and trumpet. For vintage images, nostalgia, circus, zoo, animation and history.

Fun Mariachi party song; typical German Schlager music.

Traditional song with new comedy lyrics.

Party schlager about holiday, partying and fun.

German language with local Cologne dialect, influenced by country music.

Old-fashioned piano melody for scenes of childhood, pets, circus or the varieté. Like the soundtrack for a film from the 1920s or 1930s.

Silly circus act music. Authentic and useful for family programs, cartoons and comedy.

Restless and curious mood, open-minded and neutral.

Lively jazz piano piece. Tongue-in-cheek, smart mood that works for historical pictures, zoo, comedy, family programs or as an ironic accompaniment.

Think children's TV and fun daytime programming: while the cat is away, the mice play..or dance to this. Tongue-in-cheek, groovy and playful.

Easy-going, family-friendly tune for sitcoms, comedy and light entertainment. Tastefully instrumented and classy.

Funny circus music with brass, strings and percussion. Expressing clumsiness, humor and curiosity.

Very beautiful sung melody. An evening at the Spanish Sea with Spanish vocals. Sunset and love.

Funny, witty dance track, like a computer game.

Short, repetetive piano theme. Decisive and choppy.

Jubilant, happy song with vocal bits. Expressing joy, fun and having a wonderful time. Uplifting and warm.

This track comes with drums, trumpets and a whistled tune. Perfect for the appaerance of the main actor in a western movie. Ennio Morricone sends his regards!

Romantic, slow main melody by a heavy electric guitar, accompanied by acustic guitar. Suits for emotional movie scenes and images.

Happy Moods - Daytime TV & Commercial PSM 0034

Fun and wacky tracks for children, cartoons, slapstick, sitcoms and daytime programs in a happy mood.

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Once Upon A Time Vol. 1 PSM 0010

Sweet nostalgia: various reflective yet unsentimental tracks that express a positive look back.

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Ukulele Vol.1 PSM 0016

Happy, family-friendly music featuring ukulele, orchestra and organ. Beautifully arranged, these tracks are perfect for children's TV and commercials.

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Comedy Cologne Party PSM 0014

Contemporary German Schlager music for the annual Cologne carnival madness. With vocals.

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Noble Electro Kitsch 1 PSM 0004

With tracks ranging from quirky retro sounds to serious electronic beats, this album is perfect for images of party, youth, sports and fun.

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Retro Kitchen - Hifi Pop Orchestra PSM 0033

18 infectiously groovy retro tracks between kitsch and neo-soul. Carefully instrumented, they work as a musical reminder of the 1960s and 70s but also as the perfect accompaniment for fun, vintage or ironic content today.

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Easy Jazz Tunes PSM 0029

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

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Dancemusic For Teens 1 PSM 0006

Contemporary dance music with influences from house, trance and techno. Euro Dance with the sound of 90s.

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