World music // Countries

Handmade and authentic music

Deep and Jaunty, with both melancholie and happiness combined.

Cinematic classical japanese score, light, full with a deep drum underlay.

Very fast authentically Spanish track with Cello. Wonderful Melody with much feeling.

Spanish guitar in the beach bar. Good mood.

Perfect for spanish dance performance with clapping and castanets. Sensational played guitar. Ends with cello and percussion.

Beautifully instrumented ethnic track. Exotic, captivating and energetic.

Slow, mysterious track with arabic influence. Ideal for movies but also documentaries.

Combining world music with urban grooves, this unusual track is useful for travel magazines, latenight TV and anything that can use a bit of extra spice.

Olschool delta blues straight from a back porch in Texas. Moody Americana, raw and pure.

Beautiful Americana. Brings to mind images of wide landscapes, the wild west and a lonesome cowboy in the prairie. Western guitar with plenty of room in between notes.

Acoustic guitar plays blues scheme in a laid-back mood. With blues harmonica and slide guitar solos. Earthy, authentic, raw.

Spain; Spanish; folk; world music; authentic; passion; wistful; acoustic guitar; nostalgic; introspect; deep in thought; romantic

Spain; Spanish; folk; world music; authentic; passion; wistful; acoustic guitar; travel; voyage

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; solo; romance; passion; mediterranean; love

Deep in thought, contemplative, lonesome, slightly dark. Bassy guitar and slow tempo.

Between blues rock, country and pop, this track radiates a somewhat more optimistic mood.

A song dominated by a calm acoustic guitar. Melancholic and thoughtful mood. Strings and subtle female choir sequences.

Slow tempo and traditional oriental instruments. Sad and depressive mood. Works for human portraits and documentation about civilians in the war in the Middle East.

Traditional oriental instruments and melodies create a plaintive, desperate atmosphere which is accentuated by the feeling of loss and sorrow.

World Music Spain 1 PSM 0012

Authentic Spanish folk music. Wonderfully arranged and instrumented, these tracks are perfect for both film and TV, expressing passion and wanderlust.

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Spanish Guitar Classical 1 PSM 0015

Classical Spanish guitar, passionate and authentic. Featuring new compositions as well as beautiful arrangements of esteemed traditionals.

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Slide Guitar - Acoustic Rock & Blues PSM 0028

Authentic blues guitars, southern rock and country-infused Americana. Warm, raw and down to earth.

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Stories Of Life - Positive Emotions PSM 0024

Warm, uplifting, relaxing tracks. For documentaries, biographies and feelgood features.

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Easy Jazz Tunes PSM 0029

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

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Comedy Cologne Party PSM 0014

Contemporary German Schlager music for the annual Cologne carnival madness. With vocals.

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CRISIS - one PSM 0038

Oriental instruments for the Arabian nights. Melancholic and deep in thoughts. Ambient, a bit mystic and dynamic.

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Japan - Traditional Emotions PSM 0056

From strong percussion to flowing strings, flutes and wind instruments, these finely crafted traditional japanese compositions are perfect for anything from a contemplative japanese garden, a beautiful elegant geisha, to epic shogun and samurai confrontations.

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Jardin Des Sens PSM 0060 (UBM 2353)

A collection of french inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images with tones of Erik Satie, Debussy, Matisse or Monet.

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