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Modern music from catwalk to dance hall

Pulsating pad with strong piano chords. Hopeful and graceful. Serious and sensitive. Hope dies last.

Electric Piano, strings and bass. Slow and smooth. With nice melody. Male vocals starting at 2:23.

The future is near and yet so far away. Sound from another galaxy. Time trip with beautiful female melody.

A driving drum an bass composition that delves into jazz and soul elements with minimal vocals.

This is how wild west sounds today.

Urgent and serious electronic track for science, industry and technology.

Intriguing, mysterious atmosphere. Warm synthesizer pads and a medium-tempo beat.

Fast-paced track for images of space, data transfer, communication and technology.

Perfect Hip Hop track with slow beat. Your head will swing. Just cool.

Laid-back, moody track with characteristic acoustic guitar bits.

Deep, world music, ethnic, captivating, warm, floating, airy, bewitching.

Beautiful mid-tempo track for travel, contemplation, relaxation and flight.

Soft, warm, arcane, mystic, light.

Chilled out, lounge, relaxed, warm, cryptic.

Warm pads and medium tempo beat, with piano and guitar accents, chilled out.

Mystic, new age, relaxing, deep, reflective, warm, floating.

House music in Underwater scenes.

Nervous sequence encounters relaxed sound

Organic natural minimal track, perfect for images of landscapes.

Robotic, artificial, slightly threatening.

Quirky, slightly bizarre yet propulsive electronica.

Serious club track with a dirty synth and a no-nonense bassdrum.

Quirky electronics over a very straight beat. Fast and repetitive.

The track begins harmlessly but builds up to be incredibly strong pad melody at minute 1, goosebumps feeling guaranteed.

Pretty elegant track, artistic, for the catwalk.

Solid beat, which knows what it wants.

The drive through the night, the glitter of the city.

Hiphop directly from NewYork with female, soft background vocals. Focus on male hiphop singing

Straight beat and lively synthies create a positive, exuberant mood. Perfect for fashion, nightlife, youth and partying.

Jazzy, grooving rhythm, warm bass and busy congas create a summer feeling.

Chilled underscore. Neutral, open, laid-back.

Heartbeat and gloomy synthies. Starts as a mysterious, enigmatic track for film and documentaries until the beat sets in at 01:13 and turns into a contemporay EDM track with fat synthesizers and a hectic snare.

Funky groove, smooth and jazzy vibe. With a retro edge, but still modern. For fashion, design, commercials and late-night TV

Easygoing, mellow electronic track with repetitive piano and some retro organ. Urban, cool, hip, subtly luxurious.

Cool EDM track for nightly car rides, clubbing and cat walks. Steady, flowing, infectious.

Contemporary club sound with hints of trap and dubstep. Ideal for images of youth, clubbing and fashion.

Driving strings, warm piano merge into an electronic, modern sound. Ideal for pictures of rapid development, fast cuts and contemporary events. Soft ending with piano and synthesizer

Electronics, synthesizer and blurred female voices. Ideal for docutainment, reports on dangerous crisis strategies and potential risk concerning the development of the relationship between people and technology.

Opening dance track for football and other sports. The title gives hope and has a catchy piano melody.

The funny dance track reminiscent of the good old 90s years. But still at it again. Perfect for a work out.

Science Of Hip Hop - Futuristic Beats PSM 0043

Beautiful Hip Hop album with futuristic, ambient sound. Serious beats shifting between ambient and Hip Hop. Perfect for modern TV times. Timeless.

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Minimal Deep House 1 PSM 0001

Rousing deep house with rough edges. Luxurious elegant dance music. Warm atmosphere with male voice in the background and beautiful melody.

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Urban Night Lights - Relaxed City Beats PSM 0030

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trap and club sounds.

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HIP HOP - NYC East Coast Style PSM 0037

An album with pure East Coast Hip Hop directly from New York.

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Drum N Bass Vol.1 PSM 0018

Collection of Drum'n'Bass tracks - from airy and chilled to more punchy and forceful.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 1 PSM 0017

Ideal for images of science, research, documentation, industry and outer space/ deep sea.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 2 PSM 0019

Chilled electronica for images of space travel, technology, underwater worlds and nature.

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Dubstep - Cinematic Electro PSM 0022

Heavy, energetic dubstep - buzzing, danceable and action packed.

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Noble Electro Kitsch 1 PSM 0004

With tracks ranging from quirky retro sounds to serious electronic beats, this album is perfect for images of party, youth, sports and fun.

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Crimes Of Fashion - Retro Style PSM 0052

60er swing soul and jazz.the swinging sixties come to life with these compositions. Composed by Michael Hornek, accomplished keyboarder with, (amongst others) the band Passport and Klaus Doldinger.

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Urbanisation - Artful And Impulsive PSM 0050

Ambient electronic sounds, with sometimes industrial driving elements composed by Michael Hornek, accomplished keyboarder with, (amongst others) the band Passport and Klaus Doldinger.

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Festival - Electronic Dance Music PSM 0054

Progressive house, dutch house, EDM or future house. All these sounds are to be found on this album to compliment any beachparty, show, catwalk or sport activities like zumba, aerobics or just pumping iron.

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