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From A movie to B movie, big feelings

A flight through the vastness of space.. Dreamy soundtrack for future visions.

A spaceship in the exosphere. Moments of hope are reflected in this of delay guitars and magical synthesizer-heavy composition.

Panoramic soundscape that suggest beautiful wide landscapes. Calmly flowing strings and warm brass section characterize this classic film music.

Melancholy piano theme, supported by strings and a soft beat. Reflective and calm.

Classic Hollywood sound – big orchestra and dramatic strings. Longing, sad and nostalgic mood.

Epic, highly dramatic score for adventure and extreme drama.

Gloomy and deep in thought. Guitar accents and modified choir.

Somewhat disturbing and unsettling. For psycho drama and high tension.

Mellow piano and strings in the style of early modernism and impressionism. Timid, reflective, soft.

Busy and expressive piano scales. Fast, moving, emotional, troubled. Becomes more dramatic as strings join in.

Beautiful solo piano, impressionistic and thoughtfully composed with a nostalgic touch. Great for history and culture programs.

Romantic mid-tempo instrumental. Flowing, warm, nostalgic. Sophisticated yet accessible. Differently instrumented variations available.

Hesitant, cool, laid-back jazz tune. Warm, sophisticated, classy.

Slow and sensual jazz with horn, piano, cello and acoustic guitar taking turns for their solos. Urban, timeless and tasteful.

Cool bar jazz. Mischievous, smart, laid-back.

Ska, punk and pop meet in this very fast, dynamic song. In addition, there is a choir of female voices.

Orchestral, dramatic and driving track with strings, brass section, piano, drums and electronics. Works for stories about fast, exciting events and pictures of recent accidents as well as key moments of a thriller. Perfect for trailers.

Action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral track which evokes a feeling of danger and threat. Drums, synthesizer, cymbal, strings and male chorus remind one of battle scenes and images of fast interaction. Perfect for trailers.

Thoughtful, serious and strengthening track. Dynamic strings and oriental singing. Works for action scenes, political documentation as well as docutainment.

Dystopia - Cinematic Ambient Guitar PSM 0059

Beautiful, spherical keyboard surfaces meet unique, gentle and apocalyptic e-guitar sounds. From sad, melancholic to positive and optimistic.

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Hollywood Love 1 PSM 0009

Cinematic orchestral scores for romance and family movies. Big sound and authentic orchestration.

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Blockbuster Movie Sound 1 PSM 0008

Dramatic modern filmscores as heard in big Hollywood productions. Modern sound and various moods.

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Tales From The Piano PSM 0035

Beautiful compositions for solo piano and piano with strings. Emotional, sophisticated and expressive for versatile use.

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Acoustic Piano - Tender Feelings PSM 0027

Beautiful piano pieces in various styles. From minimalist to romantic, from nostalgic to modern.

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Easy Jazz Tunes PSM 0029

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

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Slide Guitar - Acoustic Rock & Blues PSM 0028

Authentic blues guitars, southern rock and country-infused Americana. Warm, raw and down to earth.

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Crime Time Retro Movie 1 PSM 0011

Timeless scores for classic spy films. Mysterious, stylish and dangerously sultry.

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Double Feature - Vintage - Cool - Strange PSM 0036

Vintage guitars create the perfect sound for saloon images and a road trip. Sound of a B-Movie.

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Hope PSM 0061 (UBM 2356)

Compositions for emotional moments, whether contemplating a beautiful sunset, saying bye to good friends, or ruminating over the beauty of nature, all such images would be perfectly accompanied with these compositions. Predicate valuable.

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Nordic Noir PSM 0062 (UBM 2364)

Beautifully expressive and emotional backdrops, from cinematic beauty and elegance, to deep contemplative or meditative images, these compositions are the perfect accompaniment to the deep raw beauty of scandinavian nature and nordic noir.

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