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Terms for using our repertoire

    Terms & Conditions

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    Terms: Polarstern music GmbH & Co.KG - from June 2016

    No calculation for service productions of public service broadcasters and private broadcasters with a performing rights society Treaty. The music user is obliged to properly register the title used, compositions on the music releases provided by the sender or by performing rights society and pass this. By submitting this music message shall be deemed granted by us the approval to use our music recordings.

    All music includes the right to be used for all media worldwide and indefinitely.

    It requires no license request from Polarstern music.

    Under the motto "One stop shop".

    Our music is performing rights society reporting obligations.

    All employees (for example, music consultant, cutter, editors, directors, sound engineers, sound designers) of TV channels and radio stations with a total contract performing rights society can license and are free to use our music. This access is permanent and worldwide. You can use our music insertion into your library and web content for free.

    It is called a license payment to us.

    We provide unlicensed use of our music to all users.

    Whether advertising, cinema, corporate video, YouTube video, video games, CDs, radio plays, Web video, online use, on hold, etc.

    You can use our music for all your projects.

    Please be sure to include comprehensive detail of your projects when registering to the performing rights society. In all publications, the corresponding author must be given. These are usually the following information: title / composer / lyricist possibly / publisher / LC number / length played in the project. All titles related to copyright information please visit our website.

    Title and Author must be mentioned in the final credits of the motion picture.

    We will be happy to be informed of your completed production. Please send to contact@polarsternmusic.com.

    Please note the following:

    1.) Each second played must be reported to the performing rights society.

    2.) Repetitions of shipments must be reported to the performing rights society

    3.) It is not allowed to reuse our music in another Production Music Library as downloadable music free of charge or paid. The resale of our music through a sample library is also not allowed. It is not allowed to upload and distribute our catalog, individual tracks or albums via streaming services like Spotify & Co. Exceptions to this are only compilation albums. Contact us.

    4.) However, it is permitted to record giveaway CDs or compilation albums with our music and offer for sale. The author of the title has to be reported to the performing rights society prior to production and distribution. The sale procedure will remain 100% independent. The required performing rights society fee per phonogram but payable.

    5.) Our titles can be integrated as sampled tracks in commercial productions. Here, the author details and title has to be reported to the performing rights society. Even with a new application work, our copyright information must be clearly provided. Furthermore, the authors must be indicated on the cover of the CD. This applies to DJs or commercial producer. Our tracks can be sampled in parts or modified. We ask you to contact us in the event of publication.

    6.) Commercials, trailers or game producer can use the music of Polarstern without requesting for permission. However, when using or copying, the schema of the proper indication of the copyright information and game length used needs to be submitted.

    7.) Every registered user of our website is entitled to download individual titles or entire albums. You have the unlimited access to download songs or albums. The relevant copyright information will be given with each download in an excel file. It is crucial for the user to submit correct information provided in the excel file which includes the author detail, game length used and music description.

    8.) For user registration on our website, sign up with your email and set a safe Password. You can also use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to join. You will receive a Confirmation Email soon after the registration, for you to confirm the finalization of your registration. You now have full access to all functions of our web content. The registration can be cancelled by Polarstern Music upon request. You registration will not expire.

    The user credentials will not be available to the third parties. it will be protected from any unauthorized access.

    The registered user agrees to provide authentic personal data.

    9.) It's not allowed our music to be used for producing any form of sexist, pornographic, inappropriate, political message or violent content .

    Only we want to objectionable and dubious areas, cybercrime, dissociate.

    Polarstern music has all music rights.

    Depending on usage may fees apply to performing rights society.

    Please visit the website below to receive more information.


    Place of performance and jurisdiction shall be Munich.