Love // Emotion

Longing for love

Thoughtful, reflective moods flow with this track.

A light and breezy, piano led track, with cello accompaniment.

An easy flowing, pensive and contemplative that moves into cinematic elegance.

In orbit of the earth. In this beautiful guitar composition, the listener is taught closeness and security.

Delicate solo piano. Starts fragile but develops into a subtly optimistic mood.

Tender, caring tune with a warm atmosphere. Not too sentimental.

Soothing melody and easy atmosphere goes dark and rocky.

Thoughtful, reflective solo guitar. For images of night time, contemplation, nature and rest Love.

Beautiful acoustic guitar. Very romantic song, expressing love and tenderness.

Reflective rock ballad with beautiful electric guitar, warm drums, strings and piano, Love.

Smooth, sensual piano ballad, love.

R'n'B retro look Hip Hop with French touch and female vocal samples. Cool and sophisticated. Delicate violins. Enjoy.

Airy, contemporary track for images of human relations, nature and time going by. Laid-back, slightly melancholic, Love.

Pop track with positive, happy undertone. The ideal soundtrack for good times, happy memories and fun days.

Contemporary pop rendition of the gospel classic 'Amazing Grace.' Warm, kind, uplifting, spiritual. With male vocals. Love.

Laid-back, slightly lost in thought, repetitive. Piano, strings, drums and a warm guitar. Perfect for daytime TV and love.

Catchy electric guitar theme, accompanied by strummed acoustic guitar. Dreamy, relaxed, open, Love.

Beautiful warm guitar and soft drums characterize this dreamy instrumental pop ballad.

Pop ballad with acoustic guitar, piano and strings.

Panoramic soundscape that suggest beautiful wide landscapes. Calmly flowing strings and warm brass section characterize this classic film music.

Melancholy piano theme, supported by strings and a soft beat. Reflective and calm.

Between instrumental pop song and modern soundtrack. Natural sound, slightly funky and transmitting a very relaxed state of mind.

Classic Hollywood sound – big orchestra and dramatic strings. Longing, sad and nostalgic mood.

Time is standing still…this beautifully instrumented track suggests desire and longing.

Epic film score: dramatic sounds that express relief and the happy ending after a long voyage. Piano and orchestra.

Piano-driven instrumental pop song. Steady bassdrum, vocal bits and airy guitars create an uplifting, inspiring mood.

Mellow piano and strings in the style of early modernism and impressionism. Timid, reflective, soft.

Busy and expressive piano scales. Fast, moving, emotional, troubled. Becomes more dramatic as strings join in.

Decisive, confident, expressive mood. Solo piano.

Upbeat easy listening/ jazz, with piano, latin guitar and good-humored vocal bits. Guitar solo part starts around 2:40, track ends with trumpet solo.Ideal mood for images of holidays, passion and mild summer evenings.

Romantic mid-tempo instrumental. Flowing, warm, nostalgic. Sophisticated yet accessible. Differently instrumented variations available.

Slow and sensual jazz with horn, piano, cello and acoustic guitar taking turns for their solos. Urban, timeless and tasteful.

Hesitant, cool, laid-back jazz tune. Warm, sophisticated, classy.

Flowing piano and tender strings. Melancholy, beautiful, introvert. Solo piano version available.

Deep, world music, ethnic, captivating, warm, floating, airy, bewitching.

This track with guitar and piano gives hope

The fireplace is on and all are at home, beautiful wintertime

Earthy, fluent track for images of nature, wanderlust and laid-back pastime. Acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; solo; romance; passion; mediterranean; love

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; solo; romance; passion; mediterranean

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; romance; passion; mediterranean; dreamy; relaxed; holiday; Spain; classical

Pensive track with Spanish guitar and cello. Melancholy and emotive. Emotions Pure. Hope dies last.

Two Spanish guitars full passion. Emotional and authentic.

First sad then very passionate. Spanish guitar and cello.

Chilled electronic track with added acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, relaxed and mellow.

Hiphop directly from NewYork with female, soft background vocals. Focus on male hiphop singing

Melancholic track suitable for romantic tragic comedies, road trips and toughtful images.

Smooth and delicate track with beautiful melody. The perfect song for falling asleep. Minimal and soulful.

A soothing lullaby with guitar and marimba. Very relaxed atmosphere. Friendly, deep and thoughtful.

The song grooves just like a gentle breeze. Great for a campfire. Sit back and start dreaming. Song of love and hope.

Hope PSM 0061 (UBM 2356)

Compositions for emotional moments, whether contemplating a beautiful sunset, saying bye to good friends, or ruminating over the beauty of nature, all such images would be perfectly accompanied with these compositions. Predicate valuable.

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TV World In Love Vol.1 PSM 0021

Romantic, warm tracks for images of love, tenderness, nostalgia and kindness.

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Acoustic Piano - Tender Feelings PSM 0027

Beautiful piano pieces in various styles. From minimalist to romantic, from nostalgic to modern.

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Jardin Des Sens PSM 0060 (UBM 2353)

A collection of french inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images with tones of Erik Satie, Debussy, Matisse or Monet.

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Hollywood Love 1 PSM 0009

Cinematic orchestral scores for romance and family movies. Big sound and authentic orchestration.

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Tales From The Piano PSM 0035

Beautiful compositions for solo piano and piano with strings. Emotional, sophisticated and expressive for versatile use.

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Melancholy Vol. 1 PSM 0005

These introspective, calm tracks reflect times of sadness and despair.

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Melancholy 2 - Minimal Nostalgia PSM 0026

Thoughtful, soothing tracks for images of silence and reflection. Withdrawn and calm.

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Easy Jazz Tunes PSM 0029

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

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Spanish Guitar Classical 1 PSM 0015

Classical Spanish guitar, passionate and authentic. Featuring new compositions as well as beautiful arrangements of esteemed traditionals.

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Bedtime Stories - nice and minimal PSM 0041

Calm delicate gentle songs for the magic of the night. Loving, sophisticated and minimal tracks for a nice sleep. Goodnight baby.

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Dystopia - Cinematic Ambient Guitar PSM 0059

Beautiful, spherical keyboard surfaces meet unique, gentle and apocalyptic e-guitar sounds. From sad, melancholic to positive and optimistic.

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