Crime // Thriller

The dark side of the moon

Mini skirts, bouffant hair and wild dancing girls under the spotlights.

Oceans eleven inspired thieves check out the casinos with style.

The private eye of the sixties shadowing his client through the murky streets.

Danger all around: soundtrack to a city full of gangsters, dubious business and dim bars.

Epic, highly dramatic score for adventure and extreme drama.

Creepy and nerve-wrecking score to accompany a horrific situation.

Smooth and mysterious with a funky bassline and laid-back hammond organ. Classic and cool!

A contagious bassline and smart trumpet accents stand out in this sassy track.

Slightly corny 70s track with a flute gone wild. Funky drums, slap bass and retro keys complete this authentic piece.

Soundtrack to a super agent on the move! Agile and smarter than his persecutors.

Delicate, cautious track with an air of mystique and subtle danger.

Shady yet fun. Like the classic movie character that is evil and at the same time entertaining. Jazzy track with surf elements.

Classy cartoon spy theme, playful and carefully arranged. Jazz ensemble, woodwinds and weird piano accents.

Like a descent into madness: steady hi-hat, string accents and piano in the beginning than evolve into a big thrilling score. Dramatic and unstoppable!

Don‘t mess with those guys. Dark and steamy.

Shocking truth, refugees must leave their homes.

Fear spreads, hopelessness, with soprano.

The threat is everywhere, worrying.

Trapped in the underworld, with striking guitar.

Epic and very dramatic. Full orchestra score for full impact. Mid tempo. Ideal for images of heroic journeys, adventure and discovery.

Unobtrusive underscore for space travel, technology and environmental programs.

Determined, serious, resolute. For data theft, cybercrime and shady business.

Busy electronics over mid-tempo beat. Retro futurism.

Organic and melancholic Percussion with piano

Chilling and mysterious. Percussive clicking and dark timpani are joined by strings as energy and intensity increase.

Determined and steady, not too dark. For research, investigation and political discourse.

Troublesome, bizarre, emanating madness and evil plans. For modern horror and crime films.

Foreboding, ominous, enigmatic. Medium tempo. For dirty business and its investigation.

Suspense, mystery, investigation. Steady, dark, questioning electronics with an eerie touch.

Low notes and eerie mood. For images of destruction, fear and subtle threat.

Works for political thrillers and investigative documentaries. Dynamic and resolute.

Fast jazz drums meet abstract sounds - this unusual combination creates an atmosphere of stress, time pressure and experiment.

Distant jazzy drums within an enigmatic soundscape. Strange, mysterious, slightly nervous.

Vague, ominous, mysterious. Subtle danger and real feelings of uneasiness.

Heavy with meaning, foreboding, dark. String accents and synthie layers. Industrial vibe.

Pulsating synth bass and aggressive string strokes meet heavy electric guitar. Threatening, powerful, provocative, looking for trouble.

Evolving syntesizer line and haunting, ghost-like tones. At 0:53 straight beat sets in. Determined, steadfast, on the move.

Wobbly electronic track, slow-tempo and fragile synthies. Weird, confusing, slightly eerie.

Short breath, the threat is close, with a distinctive guitar.

Driven into the narrow and fearful.

Dark menace, minimalist and angry.

Swelling threat, the last way has begun.

Orchestral, dramatic and driving track with strings, brass section, piano, drums and electronics. Works for stories about fast, exciting events and pictures of recent accidents as well as key moments of a thriller. Perfect for trailers.

Action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral track which evokes a feeling of danger and threat. Drums, synthesizer, cymbal, strings and male chorus remind one of battle scenes and images of fast interaction. Perfect for trailers.

Thoughtful, serious and strengthening track. Dynamic strings and oriental singing. Works for action scenes, political documentation as well as docutainment.

Post apocalyptic guitar with big drums. Perfect for trailers and powersports. Epic, heroic and large choir. The game of the future.

Powerful, subtle and secretive. The tension is thrilling. Deep drone passes into futuristic beat.

Criminologist - Mysterious Suspense PSM 0031

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear and investigation. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.

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Crime Time Retro Movie 1 PSM 0011

Timeless scores for classic spy films. Mysterious, stylish and dangerously sultry.

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Doomsday Suspense 1 PSM 0002

High tension, mysterious and dark tracks with cinematic sound that leave little hope. War.

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Powerful Tension 1 PSM 0007

Energetic, powerful, determined. 21 epic tracks for action, drama and sports.

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Blockbuster Movie Sound 1 PSM 0008

Dramatic modern filmscores as heard in big Hollywood productions. Modern sound and various moods.

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Dark Moods - Suspense & Drones PSM 0025

Somber, mysterious moods for film and TV. Mostly electronic, with occasional guitar and piano parts. Serious, haunting and dark.

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Crimes Of Fashion - Retro Style PSM 0052

60er swing soul and jazz.the swinging sixties come to life with these compositions. Composed by Michael Hornek, accomplished keyboarder with, (amongst others) the band Passport and Klaus Doldinger.

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Forensic - Investigation Report PSM 0055

Science labs, pathologists, CSI, forensics, modern thrillers or crime scenes all come to mind and are perfectly accommodated with these tracks of apprehension, doubt, expectancy or tension.

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Nordic Noir PSM 0062 (UBM 2364)

Beautifully expressive and emotional backdrops, from cinematic beauty and elegance, to deep contemplative or meditative images, these compositions are the perfect accompaniment to the deep raw beauty of scandinavian nature and nordic noir.

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