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Uncanny and inexorable. Mid-tempo modern track for mystery and tension.

Chilling and mysterious. Percussive clicking and dark timpani are joined by strings as energy and intensity increase.

Determined and steady, not too dark. For research, investigation and political discourse.

Artificial, technological, mechanical. For research, investigation and modern detective work. Neutral mood, yet emotional undertones.

Obscure and mysterious. Sound from another time. Social-media Hip Hop.

Bassline and stomping beat in monotony

Perfect for science, research and educational programs. Playful, magical yet unobtrusive and soft.

Slightly more upbeat track with warm bass sound. Airy and beautiful.

Unobtrusive underscore for space travel, technology and environmental programs.

Laid-back, moody track with characteristic acoustic guitar bits.

Floating, airy, light. Super chilled mood.

Neutral, straight-forward electronic track. Contemporary, fast-paced but not too rough.

Chilled-out track; dreamy and relaxed.

Curious, steady electronic bits and beats.

Orchestral, dramatic and driving track with strings, brass section, piano, drums and electronics. Works for stories about fast, exciting events and pictures of recent accidents as well as key moments of a thriller. Perfect for trailers.

Synthesizer, driving drums, electronics and guitar culminate until a female voice sets in which is accentuated by alienated, electronical and oriental sounds. Works for images of conflict areas or action movies.

Busy and fast yet subtle underscore that creates tension and curiosity.

Mysterious, vague, ambient electronic soundscape with pulse.

Enigmatic, dark soundtrack to images of emptiness and underlying threat.

Transcendental soundscape. Ambient, abstract, haunting.

Airy and lively track, combining strings, drums and electronics.

Subtle and menacing, with bells and disquieting noise.

Short breath, the threat is close, with a distinctive guitar.

Driven into the narrow and fearful.

Dark menace, minimalist and angry.

Jazzy, grooving rhythm, warm bass and busy congas create a summer feeling.

Battle music. Works for images of bomb explosions, danger, human misery and approaching ground forces. Synthesizer, bass and drums.

Threat and military interventions create a dangerous mood. Impulsive synthesizer and trumpets.

Synthesizer creates a weird sound, ideal for images of dark vaults, dangerous situations and threat .

Slow ambient start with synthesizer and sound of wind bells lead to a threatening and hopeful mood of existential threat.

Synthesizer, piano, distorted sounds accompanied by energetic strings create a chaotical, hectical and driving sound. Orchestral end.

Driving strings, warm piano merge into an electronic, modern sound. Ideal for pictures of rapid development, fast cuts and contemporary events. Soft ending with piano and synthesizer

Criminologist - Mysterious Suspense PSM 0031

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear and investigation. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 1 PSM 0017

Ideal for images of science, research, documentation, industry and outer space/ deep sea.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 2 PSM 0019

Chilled electronica for images of space travel, technology, underwater worlds and nature.

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Science Area Vol. 1 PSM 0013

Subtle electronic tracks for science, research, health and exploration. Modern and serious.

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CRISIS - one PSM 0038

Oriental instruments for the Arabian nights. Melancholic and deep in thoughts. Ambient, a bit mystic and dynamic.

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CRISIS - two PSM 0039

An action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral album with oriental accents for sophisticated images of the current Middle East crises.

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Crime Time Retro Movie 1 PSM 0011

Timeless scores for classic spy films. Mysterious, stylish and dangerously sultry.

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Forensic - Investigation Report PSM 0055

Science labs, pathologists, CSI, forensics, modern thrillers or crime scenes all come to mind and are perfectly accommodated with these tracks of apprehension, doubt, expectancy or tension.

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