Chill out // Relaxed

Enjoy and dream

Slightly melancholic, yet light piano piece.

Mystic, new age, relaxing, deep, reflective, warm, floating.

Beautiful mid-tempo track for travel, contemplation, relaxation and flight.

Soft, warm, arcane, mystic, light.

R'n'B retro look Hip Hop with French touch and female vocal samples. Cool and sophisticated. Delicate violins. Enjoy.

Urban scape in the future. Windy and broad.

Perfect for workout in the morning, with female vocals

Relaxed and laid-back, with a beautiful melody, played by a very nice horn sample.

Organic natural minimal track, perfect for images of landscapes.

Everything flows, dreaming and forgotten: Dreams of tomorrow.

Simply beautiful in the background, everything flows and is relaxing.

Elegant track not only for the catwalk. Mesmerizing bassline. Warm atmosphere with male voice in the background and beautiful melody.

The track begins harmlessly but builds up to be incredibly strong pad melody at minute 1, goosebumps feeling guaranteed.

Relaxed track, smoke a cigarette and drive.

Old-fashioned track with nice pads, artful.

Deep, world music, ethnic, captivating, warm, floating, airy, bewitching.

Chilled out, lounge, relaxed, warm, cryptic.

Pleasant, scientific, curious, warm, chilled-out.

Curious, agile, versatile, scientific, fascinated, mesmerizing, travelling.

Warm pads and medium tempo beat, with piano and guitar accents, chilled out.

Brisk beginning, then trippy beat sets in. Atmospheric, warm, steady.

Fast-paced track for images of space, data transfer, communication and technology.

Soft, hesitant piano and warm trumpet. Questioning, careful, curious, optimistic.

Romantic mid-tempo instrumental. Flowing, warm, nostalgic. Sophisticated yet accessible. Differently instrumented variations available.

Upbeat easy listening/ jazz, with piano, latin guitar and good-humored vocal bits. Guitar solo part starts around 2:40, track ends with trumpet solo.Ideal mood for images of holidays, passion and mild summer evenings.

Mid-tempo beat with drum roll accents and repeated piano chords characterize this laid-back track. Some saxophone for a smooth, sophisticated atmosphere.

Chilled electronic track with added acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, relaxed and mellow.

Dreamy underscore with acoustic guitar, warm synthies and middle-eastern singing. Ideal for images of travelling, wide landcapes and meditation.

Serious and determined beginning, becomes more laid-back and airy. Strong 1990s vibe.

Chilled underscore. Neutral, open, laid-back.

Like the soundtrack to a vintage sci-fi film, this track combines loungy exotica with just enough sound effects to keep it mysterious and mesmerizing. Cool, kitschy, authentic.

Funky groove, smooth and jazzy vibe. With a retro edge, but still modern. For fashion, design, commercials and late-night TV

Easygoing, mellow electronic track with repetitive piano and some retro organ. Urban, cool, hip, subtly luxurious.

Pop track with positive, happy undertone. The ideal soundtrack for good times, happy memories and fun days.

Soft, slow, melancholic hiphop with a female refrain and male rap.

Hiphop directly from NewYork with female, soft background vocals. Focus on male hiphop singing

Driving strings, warm piano merge into an electronic, modern sound. Ideal for pictures of rapid development, fast cuts and contemporary events. Soft ending with piano and synthesizer

Electronics, synthesizer and blurred female voices. Ideal for docutainment, reports on dangerous crisis strategies and potential risk concerning the development of the relationship between people and technology.

Minimal Deep House 1 PSM 0001

Rousing deep house with rough edges. Luxurious elegant dance music. Warm atmosphere with male voice in the background and beautiful melody.

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Urban Night Lights - Relaxed City Beats PSM 0030

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trap and club sounds.

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Easy Jazz Tunes PSM 0029

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 1 PSM 0017

Ideal for images of science, research, documentation, industry and outer space/ deep sea.

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Space Cosmos Vol. 2 PSM 0019

Chilled electronica for images of space travel, technology, underwater worlds and nature.

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Bedtime Stories - nice and minimal PSM 0041

Calm delicate gentle songs for the magic of the night. Loving, sophisticated and minimal tracks for a nice sleep. Goodnight baby.

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Jardin Des Sens PSM 0060 (UBM 2353)

A collection of french inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images with tones of Erik Satie, Debussy, Matisse or Monet.

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Hope PSM 0061 (UBM 2356)

Compositions for emotional moments, whether contemplating a beautiful sunset, saying bye to good friends, or ruminating over the beauty of nature, all such images would be perfectly accompanied with these compositions. Predicate valuable.

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