Sports // Fitness

From extrem to situps

Up-tempo, driving, neo-punk song exciting and flowing.

Opens with drum break and ferocious guitar riff. Hard rock with a metal edge that sounds tough and ambitious.

New metal smasher that combines harsh electronics with uncompromising metal riffing. Packed with energy and ready for action!

Starts off like a heavy grunge track than suddenly turns into relentless thrash metal. Dirty medium-tempo guitar riff and wailing solo guitar.

Spring break sounds to slowly kick off that summer feeling. Progressive house track for pool parties.

The perfect track for fitness and endurance. Higher, Faster, Stronger

The track with incredible force, listen to it loud, just drift.

The drive through the night, the glitter of the city.

Very fast experiment full track for rapid change in the game. Kick it.

Chase the game. Fast drums and stage noise.

Hypnotic track with deep bass for slow motion sequences.

Post apocalyptic guitar with big drums. Perfect for trailers and powersports. Epic, heroic and large choir. The game of the future.

Action-packed track that evolves into a celebratory, triumphant anthem.

Rowdy rock that grooves and roars. Great for sports, bar fights and fun action.

Futuristic sound, this will take you to the discotheque of the future.

Double bass drum + fast and savage guitar riff + halftime metalcore breakdowns = the raw soundtrack to extreme sports and intense action.

Driving, highspeed heavy metal that takes no prisoners.

Perfect for workout in the morning, with female vocals

Catchy electronic track for youthful commercials, sports and modern dancing.

Techno-influenced, straight-forward track.

Serious and determined; propulsive bass drum and synthesizers that work for sports programs but also the dancefloor.

Dramatic tension; electronics and string accents.

Fast paced. Fast game trains. Fast and Furious.

Injury time. Fast drums. Full time whistles on. Sports never sleeps.

Powerful, subtle and secretive. The tension is thrilling. Deep drone passes into futuristic beat.

The game is over. There is a winner. Pleasure. Triumph.

Fun Sport - Skate Punk & Alternative PSM 0058

Great exciting Neo-Punk, Indie, Skater sounds, a mix of classic well paced guitar rock tracks. From indie to punk, gothic rock to britpop, perfect compositions to accompany any exiting, sport or youth oriented or alternative projects with the perfect underlaying soundtrack.

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Extreme Sports - Death Metal & Hard Rock PSM 0032

Powerful riffs, pounding drums epic solos: these 17 metal and hard rock tracks work for action, sports and anything in need of a rough edge.

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Football Anthems - and soccer moods PSM 0040

The perfect tracks as a football anthem. Some are with vocals. Sound for the big stage. From rock to dance music. Building up for the Stadium excitement.

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Drum N Bass Vol.1 PSM 0018

Collection of Drum'n'Bass tracks - from airy and chilled to more punchy and forceful.

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Powerful Tension 1 PSM 0007

Energetic, powerful, determined. 21 epic tracks for action, drama and sports.

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Festival - Electronic Dance Music PSM 0054

Progressive house, dutch house, EDM or future house. All these sounds are to be found on this album to compliment any beachparty, show, catwalk or sport activities like zumba, aerobics or just pumping iron.

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