Atmospheres // Drones

From underground to the sky

Etherial, subtle, magical. Works for film but also as a subtle underscore for science and nature features.

Subtle electronic underscore for images of loneliness, pondering, isolation, sadness. Strings and some drumrolls gradually joining in.

Mysterious, warm, calm. Very subtle beat starts at 1:21.

Cool, transparent synthie atmosphere. Beautiful and calm.

Sparkling, rapidly moving sounds, reminiscent of some minimal music. Fast, glassy, serious.

Futuristic soundscapes. Warm and soft.

Eerie, sharp soundscape; apocalyptic mood that leaves no hope for a happy ending.

Wobbly electronic track, slow-tempo and fragile synthies. Weird, confusing, slightly eerie.

Brief track featuring lone electronic guitar notes with plenty of reverb and a pulsating abstract sphere.

Somber cello, low synthesizer and sparse electric guitar. Atmosphere of hopelessness, despair, deep sadness.

Urban scape in the future. Windy and broad.

Mysterious, vague, ambient electronic soundscape with pulse.

Obscure sounds creating a creepy, uncomfortable mood. For dark thrillers, trailers and horrific scenes.

Enigmatic, dark soundtrack to images of emptiness and underlying threat.

Eerie track that leaves a lot of room for thought and concern.

Strange, bizarre, maddening ticking and haunting synthesizers.

Tense atmosphere. Quite abstract, very dark.

Bizarre, maddening, disturbing. For psycho thrillers, horror films or bleak sceneries in general.

Slow dark orchestral track with ostinato cello bass

Slow spheric piano staccato melody with dark strings

Atmospheric electronic underwater track with a touch of dark strings

Cautious and sparse piano piece. For human emotions, nature and drama.

Steady and still, like a predator laying in wait...

Darkness and danger are expressed by this edgy track.

Big, orchestrated filmscore, implying mystery, adventure and strong emotions.

Creepy and nerve-wrecking score to accompany a horrific situation.

Gentle electronic beat and synthesizers. Slowly evolving.

Unobtrusive underscore for space travel, technology and environmental programs.

Abstract, cold. Implying harsh conditions and subtle discomfort.

Quiet music for magical places and images of beautiful, wide scenery.

Fragmented, abstract, experimental sound piece. Warmer drone starts at 0:35. For images of science, experimentation and serious research.

Grim conditions and bleak prospects, summed up in this icecold atmospheric track.

Floating, airy, light. Super chilled mood.

Busy electronics over mid-tempo beat. Retro futurism.

Ethereal synthesizers; new-age style.

Ambient guitar track. For nature, air travel and relaxation.

Glistening, fragile, shimmering.

Devious and threatening with steady drone and heavy drum accents.

Shocking truth, refugees must leave their homes.

The day after, despair and hopelessness, with female choir.

Dark menace, minimalist and angry.

Modern interpretation of oriental, soft melodies. Characterised by a conciliatory mood and a smooth, peaceful character.

Electronics, synthesizer and blurred female voices. Ideal for docutainment, reports on dangerous crisis strategies and potential risk concerning the development of the relationship between people and technology.

Oriental, traditional instruments; starts with human voices which seem to be melancholic and sound like a sad memory of former life in abandoned places. As the tempo raises, the atmosphere becomes impulsive like a story of a dangerous escape from destroyed areas.

Global Crisis - Ticking & Pulsing Tension PSM 0063 (UBM 2361)

Political, climate and financial crisis threaten! Demanding, exciting and atmospheric tracks with cinematic and electronic elements. Pulsating bass, hypnotic spheres and the ticking of time conveys the feeling of insecurity and despair. The race against time begins.

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Vision - Arpeggiator & Drones PSM 0042

Analog sequences and atmospheres. Futuristic soundscapes. Sound for underscore and dark reports.

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Polar Scapes Vol.1 PSM 0020

Frosty and subtle tracks for images if ice, winter, arctic regions and beautiful nature.

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Dark Moods - Suspense & Drones PSM 0025

Somber, mysterious moods for film and TV. Mostly electronic, with occasional guitar and piano parts. Serious, haunting and dark.

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Doomsday Suspense 1 PSM 0002

High tension, mysterious and dark tracks with cinematic sound that leave little hope. War.

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Powerful Tension 1 PSM 0007

Energetic, powerful, determined. 21 epic tracks for action, drama and sports.

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Database - Electro Spheres PSM 0023

Modern electronic tracks for investigative content about cyber crime, data theft and digital communication.

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