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    We are pleased to announce that we are the first Production Music Library based in Germany, to offer royalty-free Music tracks.

    Our catalogue is constantly growing and offers high quality music from various genres.

    As we provide hassle-free Library where you no longer have to be bothered with the annoying licensing procedures or license fees after projects.

    All music rights can be used for all media worldwide and indefinitely.

    You just have to remember that our music must be reported to your Performing rights society (PRO). In some countries a Performing rights organisation is also known as copyright collectives or copyright collecting agencies. (for example ROYALTIES COLLECTION AGENCY (Gema) in Germany, PRS in England, AKM in Austria or the SUISA in Switzerland)

    All employees (Cutter, Editors, Directors, Sound engineers, Sound designers, a.s.o.) of TV Channels and Radio Stations with a Royalties collection agency Contract can obtain a license and are free to use our music on a permanent and worldwide basis. You may also include our music in your library and use it online for free.

    For all of our users, we offer unlimited access to our music which requires no License.

    Whichever usage it may be, you are free to utilize our music for all of your creative projects without boundaries.

    Advertisements (including TV commercials), Films, Corporate videos, You-tube videos, Video games, CDs, Radio plays, Web video, Audio Books, any other Online, to name the few possibilities to let you be creative!

    We provide music for all uses, ideal for any kind of projects!

    The only conditions we require is that your Performing rights society (for example PRS in england) be informed of your usage of our material, and that the following points be specifically included.

    1. Track Title/ Name Universe
    2.ComposerDavid Mate
    3. Publisher/ LabelPolarstern Music
    4. LC NumberLC 34643
    5. Album NumberPSM 0017
    5. Album Title Space Cosmos Vol.1
    6. Used playing time
    in minutes and / or seconds
    126 seconds or 02min 6sec
    13 Seconds or 00min 13sec

    Please note:

          Each second used must be reported to your Performing rights society

          Repetitions of tracks used must be reported to your Performing rights society

       It is not allowed to reuse Polarstern music in other forms in a platform similar to a Music Production Library.


    It's that easy

    Register with us, to access to all functions. You can register directly with us or authenticate via your Twitter, Facebook or Google account.

    You will be given a commercial-free environment which allows you to focus on music.

    You can subscribe to a newsletter which you receive every 3 months. This will be to inform you of news and new release update of Polarstern music.

    You get a chance to receive our free DVD with our new releases, if you have chosen to register your full address with us.

    After successful registration you can instantly research by searching by title and download individual tracks or entire albums as MP3 files (320k/bits) or as WAV files. For each download you will receive an Excel file with the necessary Authors data (metadata) for your music message. Furthermore you can find in any Mp3 the necessary metadata for your music list. The best way to down load entire albums and copy them to your iTunes. This is most clearly. Try it out. 

    You may select titles in their own playlists and access it anytime. Our site is easy and comprehensive to use. We have implemented Keyboard command functions and the shortcuts for your convenience.

    You can refer to our ‘Keyboard function’ for more detail.

    We simplified the functions to help you increase your productivity.

    With us, you can access, search, download and share music at your convenience.

    You can send your musical requests or requirements to us. Once you submit it to us, our team will propose the appropriate title for your project.

    In the future, we will also be providing you with quality sound effects for your projects which will be available in the Discover section. These are also royalty-free and can be used indefinitely and worldwide.

    Polarstern music has taken on the task of producing quality music. Due to the time and effort required, we may not be able to fulfil all your requirements at once. Just keep in mind, that our catalogue is constantly growing. We thrive for providing stellar quality music to better suit the needs of our users. This goal will be the pedestal of our success as a leading Production Music Library.

    In the words of one of our famous composers, we are guilty in the fact that we love to produce music!