Extreme Sports - Death Metal & Hard Rock PSM 0032

Powerful riffs, pounding drums epic solos: these 17 metal and hard rock tracks work for action, sports and anything in need of a rough edge.

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Starts off like a heavy grunge track than suddenly turns into relentless thrash metal. Dirty medium-tempo guitar riff and wailing solo guitar.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Double bass drum + fast and savage guitar riff + halftime metalcore breakdowns = the raw soundtrack to extreme sports and intense action.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Driving, highspeed heavy metal that takes no prisoners.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


With its opening sample directly from the car repair workshop, its pounding drums and the merciless guitars, this track is an ideal backdrop to all things metallic, high octane and action. Calms down at 1:15 to make room for a less aggressive interlude.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Using hints of Middle Eastern Music and Arabic drumming, this unusual mix of world music and screeching metal has a mysterious, exotic edge.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Mid-tempo hard rock bursting with energy and confidence. Melodic bassline, powerful drums and dynamic distorted guitar riff.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Fast track hard rock/ metal instrumental with a high testosterone level. Forceful drums, heavy guitars, bad-ass attitude.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Make no mistakes: the track may start out a bit more peacable with its guitar effects and hints of a melody - however, it quickly becomes a stomping metal anthem for action, extreme sport and high energy. Wailing guitar solo, double bass drum breakdowns and low metal riffing included.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Methodic rock track that features a repetitive guitar lick, fragmented drumming and some electronic atmospheric sounds. Rising tension and intensity. Works great for trailers!
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


Power ballad. Strummed electric guitar, low bass notes and shuffled drums. Increasing intensity, as the guitar solo sets in.
Composed by Werner Ponikowski


New metal smasher that combines harsh electronics with uncompromising metal riffing. Packed with energy and ready for action!
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Rowdy rock that grooves and roars. Great for sports, bar fights and fun action.
Composed by Ryan Gold, Sid Sonic


Opens with drum break and ferocious guitar riff. Hard rock with a metal edge that sounds tough and ambitious.
Composed by Oswin Ottl


Fast, modern post-metal sound that marries hard rock elements with a bit of a punkrock attitude. For fast sports and fun action.
Composed by Oswin Ottl


Fast hard rock with a 1980s vibe - dynamic, unstoppable and rigorous.
Composed by Oswin Ottl


Twangy rock ballad featuring acoustic guitar and subtle drums evolves into powerful rock anthem. Epic and triumphant.
Composed by Oswin Ottl


Pop-infused rock tune that radiates optimism and a positive attitude while remaining powerful and confident.
Composed by Oswin Ottl

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