Drama // War

Suspense, crisis and pursuit

Complications. Cold drones and distant rhythm.

Deep atmosphere and faster electronic drums.

Dark realm of synthetic sounds held together by seemingly calm beat.

Enigmatic, dark soundtrack to images of emptiness and underlying threat.

Busy and fast yet subtle underscore that creates tension and curiosity.

Somber cello, low synthesizer and sparse electric guitar. Atmosphere of hopelessness, despair, deep sadness.

Epic, highly dramatic score for adventure and extreme drama.

Creepy and nerve-wrecking score to accompany a horrific situation.

Big, orchestrated filmscore, implying mystery, adventure and strong emotions.

A song dominated by a calm acoustic guitar. Melancholic and thoughtful mood. Strings and subtle female choir sequences.

Wide orchestral sound with electronic bits. Modern and cinematic. For adventure films and historical settings.

Slightly bizarre, cartoonish opening turns into straight rocking track featuring heavy bass and synthesizers.

Slow yet steady: aliens are marching on. Piano theme, strings and drums. Gradually getting more intense.

Weird mashup of strings and opera singing. Strange and fascinating.

Strings, military snare drum and electronics create a short track for tension and unknown danger.

Somewhat disturbing and unsettling. For psycho drama and high tension.

Gloomy and deep in thought. Guitar accents and modified choir.

Brief track featuring lone electronic guitar notes with plenty of reverb and a pulsating abstract sphere.

Eerie, sharp soundscape; apocalyptic mood that leaves no hope for a happy ending.

Obscure sounds creating a creepy, uncomfortable mood. For dark thrillers, trailers and horrific scenes.

Strange, bizarre, maddening ticking and haunting synthesizers.

Exposed to the threat, anxiety and nervousness, the last day.

Hunger, thirst and heat, people suffer, there is no way.

The last day has begun, what will be tomorrow?

Swelling threat, the last way has begun.

Slow tempo and traditional oriental instruments. Sad and depressive mood. Works for human portraits and documentation about civilians in the war in the Middle East.

Slow ambient start with synthesizer and sound of wind bells lead to a threatening and hopeful mood of existential threat.

Threat and military interventions create a dangerous mood. Impulsive synthesizer and trumpets.

Starts with dark piano, synthesizer and drums set in. Ideal for images of desperation, threat and aftermath of the war.

Traditional oriental instruments and melodies create a plaintive, desperate atmosphere which is accentuated by the feeling of loss and sorrow.

Dynamic drums, synthesizer and oriental female singing create a threatening and action-packed sound which is ideal for images of conflict zones.

Synthesizer, piano, distorted sounds accompanied by energetic strings create a chaotical, hectical and driving sound. Orchestral end.

Post apocalyptic guitar with big drums. Perfect for trailers and powersports. Epic, heroic and large choir. The game of the future.

Powerful, subtle and secretive. The tension is thrilling. Deep drone passes into futuristic beat.

Doomsday Suspense 1 PSM 0002

High tension, mysterious and dark tracks with cinematic sound that leave little hope. War.

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Blockbuster Movie Sound 1 PSM 0008

Dramatic modern filmscores as heard in big Hollywood productions. Modern sound and various moods.

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CRISIS - one PSM 0038

Oriental instruments for the Arabian nights. Melancholic and deep in thoughts. Ambient, a bit mystic and dynamic.

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CRISIS - two PSM 0039

An action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral album with oriental accents for sophisticated images of the current Middle East crises.

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Dark Moods - Suspense & Drones PSM 0025

Somber, mysterious moods for film and TV. Mostly electronic, with occasional guitar and piano parts. Serious, haunting and dark.

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Melancholy Vol. 1 PSM 0005

These introspective, calm tracks reflect times of sadness and despair.

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Melancholy 2 - Minimal Nostalgia PSM 0026

Thoughtful, soothing tracks for images of silence and reflection. Withdrawn and calm.

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Science Area Vol. 1 PSM 0013

Subtle electronic tracks for science, research, health and exploration. Modern and serious.

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Claustrophobia - Angry & Sad PSM 0045

Modern thriller lovers will feel like home. A scary journey into a world of electronic rhythm, distant synths and unsettling sounds.

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Secret Mission - Tension & Suspense PSM 0048

Pulsing synths, big thumping hits explosions and powerful percussion. Rising, electrifying, high voltage tunes. Epic, dramatic, energetic tracks for crime, war and terror.

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