Urban Night Lights - Relaxed City Beats PSM 0030

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trap and club sounds.

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Mid-tempo beat with drum roll accents and repeated piano chords characterize this laid-back track. Some saxophone for a smooth, sophisticated atmosphere.
Composed by Tobias Zwiefler


Contemporary club sound with hints of trap and dubstep. Ideal for images of youth, clubbing and fashion.
Composed by Tobias Zwiefler


Cool EDM track for nightly car rides, clubbing and cat walks. Steady, flowing, infectious.
Composed by Leon Rodt


Chilled electronic track with added acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, relaxed and mellow.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Acoustic guitar intro develops into a warm, inspiring pop tune. Steady bassdrum starts around 1:00. Uplifting, enthusiastic mood, reminiscent of contemporary neo-folk indie bands.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Dreamy underscore with acoustic guitar, warm synthies and middle-eastern singing. Ideal for images of travelling, wide landcapes and meditation.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Easygoing, mellow electronic track with repetitive piano and some retro organ. Urban, cool, hip, subtly luxurious.
Composed by Tobias Zwiefler


Funky groove, smooth and jazzy vibe. With a retro edge, but still modern. For fashion, design, commercials and late-night TV
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Busy electronic track. Works for images of nightlife, technology, design, media, internet and communication. Bubbly, modern, subtle.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Heartbeat and gloomy synthies. Starts as a mysterious, enigmatic track for film and documentaries until the beat sets in at 01:13 and turns into a contemporay EDM track with fat synthesizers and a hectic snare.
Composed by David Mate


Chilled underscore. Neutral, open, laid-back.
Composed by Tobias Zwiefler


Combining world music with urban grooves, this unusual track is useful for travel magazines, latenight TV and anything that can use a bit of extra spice.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Serious and determined beginning, becomes more laid-back and airy. Strong 1990s vibe.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Jazzy, grooving rhythm, warm bass and busy congas create a summer feeling.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Straight beat and lively synthies create a positive, exuberant mood. Perfect for fashion, nightlife, youth and partying.
Composed by Leon Rodt


Wacky, unusual track with a bit of an 80s vibe. Vocoder, bells and synthesizer.
Composed by Leon Rodt


Warm mid-tempo electronic track with plenty of arpeggiated synthesizers, a crispy bass drum and an overall positive attitude.
Composed by Leon Rodt


Straight up EDM track that celebrates Berlin's vibrant and world-famous techno culture. Relentless and energizing.
Composed by Wilbert Patterer


Bassy trap music with dragging beat and abrasive synth. Dark, cool, determined.
Composed by Tobias Zwiefler

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