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Medieval love songs and folk songs

The damsel sits expectantly at the fountain of the castle and looks for her long-awaited knight. Melancholy women's minnesong.

Medieval instruments play a cheerful minnesong. Traditional music for castles and palaces.

A minnesong accompanied by harp, lute and flute. Longing, medieval and expectant.

A minnesong accompanied by flute and lute. Happy, medieval and expectant.

Arrived in Constantinople, the knights enjoy the delicacies at the court of the Byzantine emperor. Happy oriental track with flute.

Whether it's a medieval fair, castle festivals or a knight's party with happy dancing harlequins. This song with ancient instruments fits perfectly into every film about the Middle Ages.

The knights of the Round table are inspired by the fascinating singing of a woman. A song of a special kind.

Middle Ages - Love Songs And Folk PSM 0067 (UBM 2379)

Unique, authentic medieval songs with original ancient instruments. With their minnesingers, they take these special compositions to a time of the Inquisition, to castles and palaces or to a feast at the court of the kings in the 11th to 15th centuries. Greetings from Merlin, Parzival and the Knights of the Round Table.

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