Minimal // Light

Airy, breezy underscores

The calm after the disaster. Quiet fragile track. Thoughtful and sentimental.

A deeper, yet tantilizing and positive piece.

Curious, steady electronic bits and beats.

Floating, modern, technical. Optimistic mood.

Extremely minimal, slightly dark. Weird electronics and a muffled bass drum that's coming from far, far away.

The sound electronic drums and processed synths will not let you relax.

Sparkling, rapidly moving sounds, reminiscent of some minimal music. Fast, glassy, serious.

Obscure and mysterious. Sound from another time. Social-media Hip Hop.

Perfect for science, research and educational programs. Playful, magical yet unobtrusive and soft.

Slightly more upbeat track with warm bass sound. Airy and beautiful.

Unobtrusive underscore for space travel, technology and environmental programs.

Gentle electronic beat and synthesizers. Slowly evolving.

Dark menace, minimalist and angry.

The last day has begun, what will be tomorrow?

Silence, not knowing what is happening.

Moving sounds reminscent of sweeping winds. Abstract soundscape.

Hissing sounds that suggest emptiness, cold temperatures and difficult conditions.

Grim conditions and bleak prospects, summed up in this icecold atmospheric track.

Lively soundscape for underwater footage.

Warm synthesizers, steadily floating. No beat.

Organic, minimalist with guitar and bells

Choppy, jerky, emotionless. Somewhat experimental structure.

Busy, fast electronic track with an air of mystery and darkness. Serious, astute, criminal.

Determined, serious, resolute. For data theft, cybercrime and shady business.

Transcendent, abstract, slightly bizarre. For psycho thrillers and suspense films.

Vague, ominous, mysterious. Subtle danger and real feelings of uneasiness.

Distant jazzy drums within an enigmatic soundscape. Strange, mysterious, slightly nervous.

Fast jazz drums meet abstract sounds - this unusual combination creates an atmosphere of stress, time pressure and experiment.

Abstract, neutral, busy. Harsh synthie sounds with ominous layers.

Analytical, intrusive, searching for clues. Works for investogative tv and images of sciency, technology, medicine and business.

Works for political thrillers and investigative documentaries. Dynamic and resolute.

Suspense, mystery, investigation. Steady, dark, questioning electronics with an eerie touch.

Sparse, reflective, deep in thought. Slightly melancholic. Bells and ambient spheres.

Observing, reflective, meditative. Subtly pulsating drone and lone piano notes.

Tense atmosphere. Quite abstract, very dark.

Strange, bizarre, maddening ticking and haunting synthesizers.

Eerie track that leaves a lot of room for thought and concern.

Transcendental soundscape. Ambient, abstract, haunting.

Wobbly electronic track, slow-tempo and fragile synthies. Weird, confusing, slightly eerie.

Bizarre, maddening, disturbing. For psycho thrillers, horror films or bleak sceneries in general.

Slow, ambient start becomes faster during the song. Unobtrusive, ideal for ambitious reports on war and conflict zones.

Minimal Wurlitzer piano track. Melancholic and deep in thoughts.

Minimalistic electric piano with bells give this track a special touch. Percussion creates mysterious ambience.

Science Area Vol. 1 PSM 0013

Subtle electronic tracks for science, research, health and exploration. Modern and serious.

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Science Area 2 - Minimal And Obscure PSM 0046

Subtle minimal electronic tracks for science, research, health and exploration. Modern and serious.

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Polar Scapes Vol.1 PSM 0020

Frosty and subtle tracks for images if ice, winter, arctic regions and beautiful nature.

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Database - Electro Spheres PSM 0023

Modern electronic tracks for investigative content about cyber crime, data theft and digital communication.

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Criminologist - Mysterious Suspense PSM 0031

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear and investigation. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.

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Bedtime Stories - nice and minimal PSM 0041

Calm delicate gentle songs for the magic of the night. Loving, sophisticated and minimal tracks for a nice sleep. Goodnight baby.

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Snowpainter - Minimal Arts PSM 0047

Playful sympathetic tracks for the little things in life. Artistically designed minimal music for documentaries, biographies and features. Organic, sometimes melancholic but always decent.

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Jardin Des Sens PSM 0060 (UBM 2353)

A collection of french inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images with tones of Erik Satie, Debussy, Matisse or Monet.

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