Melancholy // Sadness

Nostalgia and drama

Cautious and sparse piano piece. For human emotions, nature and drama.

Acoustic guitar and dramatic strings. Highly emotional orchestral score.

Gloomy and deep in thought. Guitar accents and modified choir.

Emotive, gentle marimba in neo-classical, minimalist style.

Open, minimal, questioning. Vibraphone and electronic layers.

Barren and introspective track with piano and acoustic guitar.

Hopeful, evolving, beautiful track that radiates a cautious optimism.

Gloomy, mournful, cinematic. With pan flute and rising string section.

Earthy, fluent track for images of nature, wanderlust and laid-back pastime. Acoustic guitar.

Silence, not knowing what is happening.

The last day has begun, what will be tomorrow?

Thoughtful, reflective solo guitar. For images of night time, contemplation, nature and rest Love.

Beautiful acoustic guitar. Very romantic song, expressing love and tenderness.

Catchy electric guitar theme, accompanied by strummed acoustic guitar. Dreamy, relaxed, open, Love.

The fireplace is on and all are at home, beautiful wintertime

Easy piano sequence, profound and minimalist

This track with guitar and piano gives hope

Thoughtful piano develops into a great melody with strings and choir

Sentimental piano sequence, raises hope.

Cinematic, symphonic score. Romantic, longing, passionate.

Beautiful warm guitar and soft drums characterize this dreamy instrumental pop ballad.

A very sad piano melody develops with desolate strings in a slightly hopeful melody. Blue, absorbed in thought.

Both percussive and smooth, this track works well with images of nature and travel.

Pensive track with Spanish guitar and cello. Melancholy and emotive. Emotions Pure. Hope dies last.

Reflective, deep in thought. Strummed acoustic guitar, piano and some warm electronic elements.

Bubbly, chilled track with dreamy trumpet. Like driving through a late-night cityscape.

Ambient guitar with delay creates a contemplative mood. Beautiful, slightly melancholic, touching, emotional.

Slow and sensual jazz with horn, piano, cello and acoustic guitar taking turns for their solos. Urban, timeless and tasteful.

Less dark, vaguely hopeful. Investigative, curious, on the move. With repetitive piano theme, strings and beat.

Mellow piano and strings in the style of early modernism and impressionism. Timid, reflective, soft.

Hesitant, careful, warm. Mid-tempo solo piano for history, culture and arts content.

Halting, sweet, searching. Varying tempo between slow and medium. Solo piano, ideal for images of nature, introspection and harmony.

Meditative, wondering, thoughtful. Not too negative, yet moving and emotional.

Modern solo piano for film and sophisticated documentaries. Flowing and warm.

Delicate solo piano. Starts fragile but develops into a subtly optimistic mood.

Contemporary classical piece. Minimalist, calm, slightly dark, impressionistic.

Hesitant, slow, earnest. Solo piano with a hint of medieval music. For film, documentaries and history programs.

Tender, caring tune with a warm atmosphere. Not too sentimental.

Short romantic piece with a reflective undertone.

Blues ballad with soft acoustic guitar and organ accompaniment. Classic 70s sound. Longing, lonesome, down to earth.

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; solo; romance; passion; mediterranean; love

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; solo; romance; passion; mediterranean

Acoustic guitar; Spanish, folk; authentic; romance; passion; mediterranean; dreamy; relaxed; holiday; Spain; classical

Sentimental and reflective yet not overly dramatic.

Slightly nostalgic yet positive. Pizzicato strings, piano and subtle band accompaniment.

A song dominated by a calm acoustic guitar. Melancholic and thoughtful mood. Strings and subtle female choir sequences.

Starts with dark piano, synthesizer and drums set in. Ideal for images of desperation, threat and aftermath of the war.

Melancholy Vol. 1 PSM 0005

These introspective, calm tracks reflect times of sadness and despair.

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Melancholy 2 - Minimal Nostalgia PSM 0026

Thoughtful, soothing tracks for images of silence and reflection. Withdrawn and calm.

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Doomsday Suspense 1 PSM 0002

High tension, mysterious and dark tracks with cinematic sound that leave little hope. War.

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Dark Moods - Suspense & Drones PSM 0025

Somber, mysterious moods for film and TV. Mostly electronic, with occasional guitar and piano parts. Serious, haunting and dark.

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Acoustic Piano - Tender Feelings PSM 0027

Beautiful piano pieces in various styles. From minimalist to romantic, from nostalgic to modern.

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Tales From The Piano PSM 0035

Beautiful compositions for solo piano and piano with strings. Emotional, sophisticated and expressive for versatile use.

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CRISIS - one PSM 0038

Oriental instruments for the Arabian nights. Melancholic and deep in thoughts. Ambient, a bit mystic and dynamic.

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CRISIS - two PSM 0039

An action-packed, suspense-filled and orchestral album with oriental accents for sophisticated images of the current Middle East crises.

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Bedtime Stories - nice and minimal PSM 0041

Calm delicate gentle songs for the magic of the night. Loving, sophisticated and minimal tracks for a nice sleep. Goodnight baby.

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