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Soothing melody and easy atmosphere goes dark and rocky.

Thought flow translated into guitars. Uncomplicated rhythm and overlayed melody.

Unsettling fog of guitars sets in. Luckily with a happy ending.

Groovy song scores a sunny spring day. Let the bass take you away.

Rocky? Maybe. But watch for the flute.

Nylon guitars and synths. Acoustic groove evolves into an electric finale.

Danger, misery and faces of victims are audible. Synthesizer and deep bass have a strong effect. Structured by oriental elements.

Quiet guitar with cello and violins. Tearful.

Staccato guitar. Wide and atmospheric.

Atmospheric guitar effects. Postmodern.

Melancholic guitar. Quiet and reserved.

Earthy, fluent track for images of nature, wanderlust and laid-back pastime. Acoustic guitar.

Bizarre, maddening, disturbing. For psycho thrillers, horror films or bleak sceneries in general.

Glistening, fragile, shimmering.

Foreboding, sinister, determined. Synthesizer and strings.

Tense atmosphere. Quite abstract, very dark.

Slow beat, warm bass and catchy synthie tones. Curious, amazed, bedazzled.

Slightly blue, yet relaxed mood. Electric guiatar and soft electronic pulse.